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Brightening Smiles with Teeth Whitening for New Orleans

Nothing shows your age like stained, dingy teeth -- but there’s also no way to prevent the darkening of your smile with time. Fortunately, you can take years off your smile with teeth whitening through Canatella Dental! And right now we’ve even got some pretty special offers to help make teeth whitening even more accessible for all our patients. Keep reading to learn more about KoR Whitening as well as professional take-home treatments, then check out our whitening specials to see how much you can save by brightening your smile right now!

Teeth whitening reveals your youthful smile

Dr. Canatella and the team at Canatella Dental help our New Orleans patients reveal their most beautiful smiles with teeth whitening almost every single day. It’s the most popular treatment in cosmetic dentistry today -- and that’s no surprise, given its numerous advantages. Some of the benefits of teeth whitening include:

In-office treatment with KoR Whitening

Patients who are looking to achieve their results fast, perhaps in preparation for a big event, like a wedding or reunion, always appreciate the efficiency of in-office whitening. With KoR Whitening, you can come into our dental office and leave with dramatically whiter teeth after just one hour.

Our practice prefers KoR whitening simply because we know it works the best. It’s the only option that makes use of continuous refrigeration to keep the special bleaching gel completely stable, from the moment it’s created to the time it’s ready to go on your teeth -- a crucial step in maintaining its wonderful effectiveness. And because KoR comes with a take-home bleaching tray for continued maintenance, you can enjoy your stunning results longer than ever before.

Take-home Teeth Whitening Treatments

Our patients who prefer to reveal their whiter smiles gradually, or from the privacy of their own homes, are happy to learn we offer an alternative to in-office whitening: professional take-home treatments. This option is custom-fit to your unique mouth and is completed over about two weeks. Wear the special trays and powerful whitening gel for the recommended amount of time each evening or morning, and you’ll be smiling your stunning grin before you know it!

Schedule your appointment for teeth whitening today!

If you’d like to reveal your best smile this year, don’t wait to contact Canatella Dentistry so that we can get started on your unique teeth whitening treatment plan. Dr. Canatella and his team of dental professionals are passionate about revealing New Orleans’ most beautiful smiles -- and professional teeth whitening is one way we do just that.

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