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$350 KoR Whitening Step 1
KoR Step 1 includes take home bleaching trays and a two hour in office power bleaching session.
$610.00 Value - Insurance Code 0900
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Kor Teeth Whitening Step 1 in New Orleans

The innovative Kor deep bleaching treatments offered at Canatella Dental can eliminate even the most stuck-on dental stains. Kor is recognized as one of the best if not THE best whitening products available. For patients whose dental discoloration stems from medication usage or aging, Kor Whitening is the only way to fully remove stains.

Deep bleaching using the Kor system starts in the comfort of your own home. We’ll provide you with custom application trays, and Kor whitening gel that you will use at-home for a predetermined amount of time. Once the at-home process is complete, you’ll visit our office for a 2 hour power bleaching session. Unlike other types of whitening, there are no lights or lasers needed to activate the Kor whitening solution. We will simply protect your soft tissue, apply the deep bleaching product, and let you relax as your teeth get even brighter.

The great thing about Kor whitening is that it’s consistent. Even the most difficult to remove stains are eliminated leaving you with a whiter, brighter smile. Most patients report experiencing much less sensitivity during treatment, and when properly maintained, KOR whitening can last a lifetime. Call to find out how to receive your 1st step to beautiful teeth with Kor whitening (a $610 value) for just $350. That’s less than the cost of your custom application trays!