4 Questions to Ask About Family Dentist

Family Dentistry Questions and Answers

A family dentist is important for you and your family. Regular visits with your dentist will help keep your oral health in check and your dentist can help detect oral health problems early. Call us today or visit us online to book an appointment. We have two locations to serve you in Metairie LA, and New Orleans LA!

Family Dentist Near Me in Metairie LA, and New Orleans LA

What does family dentistry mean?

Family dentistry refers to a dental practice focusing on the oral health needs of all family members. Many families prefer to have all members of the family use the same dentist for ease and convenience, as depending on the size of the dental practice, multiple family members can be booked in for appointments at the same time. A family dentist can treat the youngest family members from the arrival of their first tooth, through the teenage years and potential orthodontic needs, to adulthood when the patient’s needs change again. By using a family dentist, it also means that children can keep the same dentist for many years and have a familiarity and higher level of comfort with their dental visits. A family dentist is not just looking out for the current dental needs of their patients but is also trained and experienced with preventative measures that can help avoid or reduce the severity of reactive treatments needed later on in life.

How do I choose a family dentist?

Choosing a family dentist can be a daunting task and it can be hard to know where to begin looking. Your best bet is to gather some recommendations. Reach out to your network of family, friends, coworkers and neighbors for their recommendations on a good dentist. If you have kids and are looking for a family dentist, ask other parents that you know to find out who they go to and what they like about them. You can also check with your doctor, as they might have some suggestions. If you are moving to a new city where you aren’t going to know anyone, you can ask your current dentist if they know of anyone in the city you are moving to and can recommend someone. Like many other professions, dentists will have colleagues and contacts in other cities that they have met through school, conferences or networking, and so they might know of someone in your new area who can provide the services you’re looking for. Once you’ve got a few recommendations, you can do a bit of research yourself to see if the practice will work for you. Some things to consider are their location and how close or far it is from your work or home, what their hours are, if they are able to direct bill to your insurance and what the services are that they provide to ensure they will be able to meet your family’s needs. If possible, try to schedule a meet and greet appointment with your top few picks to get a feel for their personality, the environment of the office and how the practice is run before making your final choice.

What should I look for in a dentist?

When looking for a dentist, there are many things to take into consideration. There are the easy to identify properties – how close they are to your home or office to determine ease of getting to them for your appointments, what their hours are and if it works with your schedule as some offices have evening or weekend hours, if they are able to direct bills to your insurance so you aren’t out of pocket for the cost of your visit, and if they have parking. Other things will be unique to each individual patient and can only be determined by doing research about the dentist and their office, or by booking a consultation with them. This is where you will find out the services they provide, if those services match up with your needs, what the core values of their practice are, what treatments they are able to perform in office and if they have any specializations or additional knowledge over and above a general dentist practice. It is important to feel comfortable with your dentist and feel like you can ask questions about concerns you have about your oral health and get an honest, knowledgeable answer. If other members of your family will be going to the same dentist, it is also important that the dentist can meet their individual needs and that they feel comfortable with the dentist and their office as well.

What does a family dentist treat?

A family dentist can treat a number of dental health concerns. They are primarily focused on preventative treatments across all age groups from young children getting their first tooth to seniors needing veneers or bridges. A family dentist can treat issues across all of the age ranges, including cavities, crowns, veneers and bridges, as well as gum disease and teeth whitening. Each dentist might have a slightly different range of ailments that they treat, depending on their training and the focus of their practice. It is always best to check with your dentist to see what treatments they are able to perform, and what they would refer you to a specialist for. We serve patients from Metairie LA, New Orleans LA, Harahan LA, Jackson Square LA, Bella Chasse LA, St. Bernard LA, Meraux LA, Chalmette LA, Jefferson LA, River Ridge LA, and Kenner LA.