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Beautiful Dentures in New Orleans

Dentures against a white backgroundHave you sustained significant tooth loss or damage? Patients who are dealing with missing teeth can have their smiles restored with a beautiful set of dentures in New Orleans! For partial or complete tooth loss, a denture offers a stable, natural-looking replacement that can last for years and years. Today’s dentures aren’t anything like what your grandmother or grandfather may have had -- keep reading to learn more about how we create beautiful, long-lasting dentures at Canatella Dental.

What Are Dentures?

Older couple at homeA denture is a prosthetic made of teeth affixed to a base that is designed to look like your gum tissue. When placed into the area where the missing teeth were, the denture restores the form and function of the smile -- allowing you to eat and speak with total confidence. Dentures are made from natural-looking materials and are customized just for each patient’s smile.

A denture may be partial or complete, depending on the extent of your tooth loss. A partial denture is sufficient when some healthy natural teeth still remain; a complete denture is reserved for cases of total tooth loss.

Fixed (Implant Retained) vs. Removable Dentures

Dental implant illustrationA denture may be fixed or removable, depending on your needs and preference. A removable denture rests directly on the gums and may be secured with the help of denture adhesive. Removable dentures offer a more affordable solution that can be ready quickly, but they usually do not fit as securely as fixed dentures. A fixed or implant retained denture will snap into place to insure it does not move around or come out while eating. Implants will be surgically placed under the gum line and act as prosthetic tooth roots. Once healed the implants will serve as anchors that your denture will securely fasten to. If you’re an eligible candidate for dental implants, we strongly suggest considering the implant retained denture option.

Which Type of Denture Is Right for You?

Older woman holding an appleThe only way to find out which denture is right for you -- partial or complete, implant retained or removable -- is to schedule an appointment with our office. When you do, Dr. Canatella or Dr. Neumeyer will evaluate the extent of your tooth loss, consider the health of your jaw, and discuss your smile goals with you. Based on this information, a treatment plan will be put together to restore your smile to completion. For patients who are in good oral and overall health, that often means dental implants -- but no matter which option is right for you, the important thing is that you will be eating, speaking, and smiling with full confidence again in no time.

Contact Us Today!

If you are dealing with significant tooth loss, do not wait to find a solution. A complete smile promotes an active, healthy, and productive life. Get in touch with our office to discuss your options at length with our qualified restorative dentists -- go ahead and request a consultation online today!