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Dental Implants in New Orleans

If you need to replace one or more teeth, dental implants can help you achieve stronger, more stable results. This special option combines a custom-made prosthetic with one or more titanium implants, mimicking your smile's natural structure in a way that traditional bridges and dentures don't. As a result you can look forward to better oral health and wellbeing, plus improved confidence.

One or more implant posts will be placed in your jaw via surgery. Afterwards, as your mouth heals, your implant(s) will fuse with your jawbone in much the same way that a natural root fuses with your jawbone. The result will be a solid foundation for your new restoration.

Implant-Retained Dentures

While personalized crowns are the restorative choice for single tooth implants, patients with traditional dentures can have their prosthetic strengthened and stabilized with the power of implants. Once a certain number of implants have been carefully and precisely inserted into your jaw, they will hold your denture securely in place, eliminating the need for dental adhesive, improving your ability to chew, and giving you back the confidence you deserve. Implants can even help patients look younger by keeping the jawbone healthy and maintaining your facial structures!

Integrated Implantology

Here at Canatella Dental, we're dedicated to providing patients the most advanced treatment options and technology available for maximum comfort and quality results. With the help of the ORTHOPHOS XG 3D imaging machine, Dr. Canatella will be able to plan your implant procedure with more preciseness and confidence than ever before. This state-of-the-art machine allows us to determine the amount of bone present in the patient's jaw, the exact positioning of the implants, whether stents will be needed to help place the implants correctly, and other crucial factors. This minimally invasive technique helps patients enjoy a procedure that's as smooth and stress-free as possible.

Not every patient is a good candidate for treatment with dental implants. If you'd like to know if you're right for this procedure, don't hesitate to call our office for an appointment. Dr. Canatella is happy to offer implant care to his patients in and around New Orleans and Lakeview.