You’d be surprised by how much of a difference a beautiful smile can make, not just socially but professionally as well. A beautiful smile has the potential to improve your life on a daily basis, boosting your self-esteem, confidence and overall outlook.

For these reasons, we hope that our patients consider the opportunities cosmetic dentistry has to offer for both themselves and their friends and family. Here’s what you can expect when you stop by Canatella Dental to begin your smile makeover!


When you come into the practice, you’ll meet with Dr. Canatella and have an in-depth discussion on exactly what it is about your smile you’d like to improve. By having this discussion, we’ll be able to create a treatment plan that best suits your needs and helps you obtain the smile that matches your vision as closely as possible.

We’re also able to create models of what your smile will look like after treatment, giving you additional confidence in your makeover.

Once the treatment plan is built, we’ll determine the total cost of your treatment as well as establish a timeline for completion. In most cases, cosmetic treatments only take two appointments to complete, but this will vary depending on your needs.



When you’re making big decisions like smile makeovers, it’s worth exploring what experts say on beautiful smiles and how they can leave a positive effect on people’s lives.

Over the years, smiling has been scientifically proven to activate chemicals in the brain that fight off stress and lower your heart rate and blood pressure. It’s also been shown to boost your mood thanks to serotonin that’s released every time you smile.

Take research from the London University College for example, which indicates that happy, cheerful people are 35 percent more likely to live longer.

This is because smiling doesn’t just boost your mood, but your immune system as well! When you smile, your body is actually reducing the number of serum cortisol levels (which are directly related to stress) and increasing the number of white blood cells. Who would have thought that the simple act of smiling could do so much?

Furthermore, a beautiful smile can influence others around you, and science also points to this conclusion. Studies from the researchers at the Face Research Laboratory in Scotland found that men and women were perceived as more attractive when they smiled and made regular eye contact than those who did not.

When your smile is beautiful, you’ll have more than enough confidence and self-esteem to show it off, and smile makeovers make it easy to accomplish exactly that!


So, how exactly does Dr. Canatella and his team make your new smile possible? The most popular treatments we’ve noticed at the office include teeth whitening, crowns and porcelain veneers. These procedures are all proven to give your smile the cosmetic boost it needs to look its best.

Thanks to Dr. Canatella’s extensive coursework in cosmetic dentistry, he can hide numerous imperfections through bleaching and prosthodontic treatments. Teeth whitening can remove stubborn stains that over-the-counter treatments cannot address. 

In the case of dental crowns, you’ll be able to restore natural function of your tooth if its damaged by decay, as well as hide imperfections that teeth whitening don’t solve. Porcelain veneers offer an all-in-one solution for multiple imperfections, even minor gaps and teeth that appear too short.

If you want to change your life or someone elses, it may only take two appointments to turn a smile fantasy into a reality. Contact our front desk team member, Anh, to schedule a consultation for your smile makeover!