Cost of Braces

Cost of Braces in New Orleans LA

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Cost of Braces Near Me in New Orleans, LA
Cost of Braces Near Me in New Orleans, LA

How much do braces cost in New Orleans, LA?

The cost of braces for each patient in New Orleans, LA will depend on multiple factors, the main factors that need to be considered are location, type and severity.

  • Severity of the patient’s condition
    The biggest contributing factor that goes into the cost of braces is the severity of the patient’s condition when it comes to their teeth and gums. The more crooked the person’s teeth, the longer they will need to keep the braces on, and more tightening appointments that will be needed. This can increase the cost, or even reduce the cost if the patient’s teeth only have minor dental work needed.
  • Type of braces a patient might receive
    The type of braces that a patient would prefer to receive will also play a role into the cost of braces. Metal-wire braces are the main type of braces that many go for, but there are other options including ceramic braces and lingual braces, both of which are much less visible than that of traditional braces.
  • Region in New Orleans, LA
    Orthodontic care costs more when it comes to bigger cities, as taxes play a significant part which drives up the cost of braces.

Is a specialist doing the service?

Is a specialist who has years of experience and time doing the service working on your braces, or have you chosen your family dentist? It will determine the availability, expertise, success rate and notoriety of each dentist which will be factored into the cost of the braces at each clinic.

What is Included in The Price of Braces?

The cost of braces can include many things, as it depends on which type of braces you may have done, the cost can go up. Materials play a large part in the cost of braces, the more expensive the material is for a certain type of appliance, the total cost will go up. As well, the longer you need to wear braces, and have continuous tightening appointments, the more expensive the braces can be, as you will be visiting your orthodontist or dentist more often for them to check up on how your teeth are moving.

Are see-through braces more expensive?

Generally, invisible or see-through braces are more expensive than their counterpart of metal bracket braces, this is in part due to the materials and technology used to create the invisible or see-through braces. The benefits that these braces provide to each patient are worth the investment, as invisible or see-through braces are considered a more attractive option for many older patients who do not want to alter their appearance with wire metal braces, but they still want to straighten their teeth while doing with almost unnoticeable forces.

Which is cheaper, Invisalign or braces?

Braces have been around for years and are widely known throughout the world, let alone the United States. Braces are provided by not only orthodontists, but also many dentists as well, as they tend to be a less expensive option for their patients than that of the newer procedures like Invisalign. When it comes to the cost of each individual appliance, the major factors that are factored into it include the materials used and the technology needed to create the appliances. When comparing, Invisalign is more expensive due to the face the materials used and the technology used to create the aligners are much more expensive than that of traditional braces. If you are interested in getting braces in the New Orleans, LA or surrounding areas, call or visit Canatella Dental today! Our clinic has some of the most compassionate medical professionals with years of experience in braces and alike. We offer different oral appliance options to help you straighten your teeth and smile even brighter than before. Call us today to book your consultation appointment, or simply book an appointment online! We serve patients from Metairie LA, New Orleans LA, Harahan LA, Jackson Square LA, Bella Chasse LA, St. Bernard LA, Meraux LA, Chalmette LA, Jefferson LA, River Ridge LA, and Kenner LA.