Has gum recession made your teeth look too long and caused your smile to be unbalanced? Do they feel tender whenever you drink or eat something cold? The cause is probably gum disease, which is the most prevalent disease in the United States today, affecting about half of all adults. One of the most common symptoms is gum recession. Previously, the best way to restore this lost tissue was with a gum graft. It involves taking healthy tissue from the roof of your mouth and placing it where the gums have receded. It took multiple incisions and sutures to accomplish this, which translated into discomfort for patients both during and after the procedure. Fortunately, a newer, faster, and pain-free approach has been developed, called the Chao Pinhole Technique. It enables Dcr. Canatella, your dentist in New Orleans, to restore your receded gums quickly and painlessly.


The Chao Pinhole Technique was developed by Dr. John Chao, a Research Associate Professor at NYU, Buffalo. He developed it to simplify gum restoration for both doctors and patients alike, and has been using it since 2006. He currently tours the world giving seminars, teaching the technique to a whole new generation of doctors.

It works by making a small, pin-sized opening next to your receded gums. A specialized tool is then used to gently loosen and stretch the gum tissue over the exposed portion of your tooth’s roots. Afterward, collagen strips are placed along the gum line to stabilize the manipulated tissue. They also encourage the growth of healthy gum tissue while reducing pain, inflammation, and recovery time. The patient will feel little or no discomfort during the procedure, and there is less of a chance of complications compared to a traditional gum graft.



This new approach to gum restoration has a number of benefits over the traditional method:

  • Immediate Results: The aesthetic results can be seen right after the treatment has been completed, unlike a gum graft that would require weeks of healing time.
  • No incisions: Nothing needs to be cut using this technique, meaning that you will not require sutures, making your recovery faster and less complicated.
  • Quick Treatment: The entire procedure can usually be performed in about an hour, depending on how much tissue needs to be restored.
  • Reduced Recovery Time: Most patients can return to their normal daily lives the day after the procedure.

It’s no wonder that doctors and students from around the world are eager to learn this technique.


Fortunately for the people of New Orleans, they can now benefit from this technique by visiting Canatella Dental.

If you are suffering from receded gums and need to have them restored, the Chao Pinhole Technique can help you do it better, faster, and easier than ever. Call today to make an appointment at Canatella Dental.