Tooth Loss and Facial Shape: How Dental Implants can Restore Your Appearance

When experiencing tooth loss, you may start to think about how it will impact your entire facial shape. When thinking about the images of older people without teeth whose mouths appear sunken or drawn inward, you scramble to find a dental professional who can help. Fortunately, there is a solution that can prevent this type of result and instead, provide enhanced aesthetics and greater oral health – dental implants. Read on to learn more about how tooth loss can negatively impact your smile and how these unique restorations can restore its appearance and structural integrity.


When you’re missing one, multiple or all your teeth, the lack of confidence you might feel isn’t the only thing that will be impacted. In fact, if you choose to do nothing about the gaps in your smile, you can also experience serious changes in your jawbone strength, alignment of your teeth, and facial shape. As the bone deteriorates, you may notice that your face essentially “collapses,” resulting in sagging or the drawing inward movement of the lips.

As this happens, you can expect additional teeth to become loose or fall out, causing your face to change even further. If you want to prevent this from happening, it is best if you speak to your dentist about how to address your tooth loss with the right kind of treatment.


Dental implants are considered to be one of the more superior forms of treatment for tooth replacement. Made of titanium, the posts mimic your natural tooth root. Surgically placed into your jawbone, these implants fuse together with the bone and surrounding tissue, allowing for a solid foundation to form, offering stability, functionality, a natural appearance, and permanent tooth structure.


If the fact that they are permanent and restore your entire tooth’s structure isn’t enough, dental implants offer a wide array of benefits, some of which include:

  • Improved appearance and a boost in confidence
  • No chance of decay, as your restoration is not a real tooth
  • Easy to clean and maintain since all you need to do is continuing practicing good oral hygiene habits and keeping your regular dental visits
  • Few to none food restrictions since your implant looks and acts just like a regular tooth
  • A restoration that can possibly last a lifetime with proper care and maintenance
  • A costlier investment upfront but much more cost-effective in the long run

Don’t continue to live with gaps in your smile. Talk to your dentist today about dental implants and if you are eligible to receive them. Not only will your smile be restored, but you’ll maintain a much more youthful appearance as a result.

About the Author

Dr. Todd Canatella completed his undergraduate studies at Louisiana State University (LSU) before enrolling in the university’s School of Dentistry and achieving his dental degree. After graduation, he completed a year-long study course in implant placement at the Medical College of Georgia. Using his expertise, he and his team can help patients suffering from tooth loss achieve a fully restored smile. By using dental implants, he can replicate the tooth’s structure from the root up, offering greater stability, functionality, and improved appearance. To learn how we can help you fill in the gaps of your smile, visit our website.