Your Dentist Shares 4 Ways to Stay Cavity-Free During the Holidays

Your dentist is your biggest advocate for achieving and maintaining a healthy smile. From encouraging you to keep your regular checkups and cleanings to offering useful tips for better at-home oral health, you can count on him to help you reach your dental goals. With the holidays quickly approaching, you can keep your dental professional happy by ensuring your mouth is cavity-free. Here are 4 ways to maintain your smile well into the new year.


Sugar is a staple at any holiday gathering and while your grandmother’s pumpkin pie or chocolate cake may taste delicious, you’re putting yourself at risk for potential cavity development. When consuming too much sugar, you open yourself up to tooth decay and gum disease, as the bacteria feeds off the sugar, causing it to grow and spread. It burrows into your tooth enamel and creates small holes that only your dentist can fill. Instead of spending time in the dentist’s chair getting your cavity filled, kindly pass on the sugar and spend more of your time with family and friends.


It’s always tempting when surveying your beverage options to choose soda, but when you consider that it has as much sugar, if not more, than some of your favorite candies and cookies, you may want to try something else. Water is a great alternative to any beverage this holiday season. Wine, soda, coffee, and even tea or juice have stain-causing effects as well as a highly acidic substance that can eat away at your tooth enamel. This can lead to tooth sensitivity, staining, and severe tooth decay. Water will not only keep you hydrated, but it will also keep your saliva flowing, flushing out any harmful bacteria or food particles in your mouth.


Late-night gameplay and holiday parties might make you more tired than you think but no matter how exhausted you might be, don’t forget to brush your teeth, floss, and rinse. Maintaining your normal oral hygiene regime not only keeps you on a routine, but it ensures everything you’ve consumed throughout the day will be effectively removed before you go to bed at night. Thinking about sleeping in the next day? Not a problem, just remember to take care of your teeth and gums when you wake up!


If you really want to put yourself on a better path to oral health in 2020, schedule an appointment with your dentist to have a regular checkup and cleaning. This will allow him to check for any problem areas and stop them in their tracks before they worsen. It will also give him a chance to thoroughly remove any plaque and tartar build up from around your gums and teeth, giving you a sparkling, beautiful smile you can show off during your family gatherings.

By following these 4 great tips, you will not only keep cavities away, but you’ll be making your dentist very happy the next time you see him.

About the Author

Dr. Todd Canatella completed his undergraduate studies at Louisiana State University (LSU) before enrolling in the university’s School of Dentistry and achieving his dental degree. After graduation, he completed a year-long study course in implant placement at the Medical College of Georgia. Dr. Canatella and his team are proud to serve the people of New Orleans and the surrounding communities by providing comprehensive services ranging from preventive care to CEREC dental crowns and even Botox and Juvederm. To learn how we can help you, visit our website.