Know the Different Types of Tooth Pain

Most of us will experience tooth pain at some point in our lives. Paying attention to what type of discomfort it is can help you to determine the next course of action. In general, lingering pain of any kind should be treated promptly by your dentist. Keep reading to learn about the most common types of tooth pain and how they can be treated to safeguard your oral and overall health.


Tooth sensitivity to temperature is one of the most common causes of dental discomfort in adults. This uncomfortable symptom can occur due to weak or worn tooth enamel or if gum recession has left the roots of your teeth exposed. Often, this type of discomfort will go away by itself after a few minutes but return when the teeth come back into contact with the original stimuli.

The fix: Brushing your teeth with an anti-sensitivity toothpaste can help to reduce discomfort to heat and cold. For pain caused by gum recession, gum disease treatment or gum grafting can help. A topical fluoride treatment can also help strengthen weak tooth enamel for protection against sensitivity.


If you spend most of your day with a faint toothache, you may have tooth decay which could quickly turn into a dental emergency in New Orleans. If the gum is swollen near the tooth, it could just be that a food particle has become lodged between the teeth (especially common for kids). Pay attention to when the pain occurs and if it is especially strong at any particular time of day.

The fix: Tooth decay requires prompt treatment. To find out if the discomfort is caused by a foreign particle, floss between teeth and rinse the mouth out. If pain persists, visit your dentist as soon as possible.


Sometimes, a tooth will only hurt at certain parts of the day or when you bite down on it. This type of a toothache can indicate damage to the tooth which needs to be repaired as soon as possible.

The fix: Visit your dentist for X-rays and a restorative treatment. A dental crown can help to repair a broken or cracked tooth and also free you from pain.


If you are experiencing very intense pain that keeps you up at night or makes it difficult for you to go about your day as usual, you need to see a dentist right away. Infection in a tooth can quickly spread throughout the body and put you at risk of serious side effects — even death.

The fix: An emergency root canal may be required for severe tooth decay or a tooth abscess. It is VIP that you schedule an appointment for intense tooth pain right away!

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