How Does Botox Work?

Is your skin acting its age? Or is it acting a little… older? For eliminating fine lines and wrinkles, there’s Botox — a treatment most people have at least heard of by now. But despite the increasing popularity of Botox, we find questions often still remain about how it really works. As a dentist offering this cosmetic treatment, Dr. Rachel Neumeyer is an expert in the science behind Botox. Keep reading to find out more about exactly how it works — right in time for summer!


Botox is a simple method for eliminating the fine lines and wrinkles that form around the eyes and in the forehead region. It is an injection of botulin, a neurotoxic protein that is produced by Clostridium botulinum. That may sound a bit scary, but in minuscule amounts, there is nothing toxic about this protein at all. Injected directly into the zone where fine lines and wrinkles are, Botox works by temporarily relaxing the muscles that cause the appearance of wrinkles when they contract.

You may be surprised to learn that your dentist can perform Botox, but there is perhaps no one more qualified than the expert in your oral and facial anatomy! Dr. Neumeyer has extensive experience providing Botox for patients who wish to reduce the appearance of aged skin.


Each Botox treatment only takes a few minutes to complete. In fact, it’s so quick that you could come in for Botox before work or on your lunch break. To administer Botox, Dr. Neumeyer will strategically inject the substance directly into the area where muscles appear. This injection is practically painless — most people compare it to a brief bug bite. It will usually take around three to four days for the results to be evident.


The average age to start Botox treatments is around your late 20’s or early 30’s. The best way to treat wrinkles is to prevent them. By keeping the muscles relaxed it will help to prevent deep-set wrinkles from even starting! Once you begin, you will need to have periodic retreatments to keep your skin looking refreshed. Most Botox treatments will last for 3 to 4 months before retreatment is needed. After this amount of time, the temporary paralysis will have started to wear off and the muscles will begin contracting and cause wrinkles once again. Fortunately, each Botox retreatment is as simple as the very first one. We can schedule recurring visits to ensure that you stay on top of your treatments to enjoy the most beautiful, youthful-looking skin year-round!

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