CEREC Creates Convenient, Strong Dental Crowns

Dental damage is practically impossible to avoid in a full lifetime. Most patients will experience a small cavity or even a full missing tooth, not to mention multiple teeth. This expectation is realistic, not embarrassing. Instead of avoiding the proper care that you need when you have a dental mishap, visit Canatella Dental General and Cosmetic Dentistry. Our dentists, Dr. Canatella and Dr. Neumeyer, can help patients that have weak teeth with CEREC. We provide stable, seamless dental crowns along with the type of dental care that will have you walking out of our office feeling understood, supported, and most importantly confident in your smile again.


Your dentist offers an awesome option for patients interested in restoring the functionality in their smile. Dental crowns are designed to completely cover or “cap” an individual tooth. Most crowns are now made of aesthetically pleasing, durable dental ceramic. Many patients don’t believe it until they see it, but these same day dental crowns can be precisely matched to the color of your adult teeth, camouflaging them next to your natural teeth. Don’t worry about the past dental issues you had before you visited Canatella Dental. Those painful, unsightly dark spots in your smile can be covered with a pretty, pearly white dental crown!


If you’re considering getting a dental crown placed than you’re truly considering a dental restoration that can significantly improve the tooth’s health and appearance. Crowns can be attached to dental implants to create a lifelike tooth replacement or used to improve a tooth suffering from advanced tooth decay. There are several reasons why your dentist may recommend having a crown placed, including:

  • Restoring a tooth that has undergone root canal therapy
  • Rebuilding the structure of a badly injured or fractured tooth
  • Giving a discolored tooth an aesthetically pleasing makeover
  • Protecting a weak tooth from the threat of a fracture
  • Attaching it to a dental implant as a prosthetic
  • Restoring a large area of decay that is too severe for a filling


The CEREC technology that our practice decided to invest in makes it possible for us to create and place completely customized dental restorations in just one single office visit! This means increased comfort and convenience for our patients, whose time we know is very valuable.

Traditionally, your dentist would take impressions of your damaged tooth and the teeth surrounding it. Our technology eliminates the messiness that impression materials create along with the extended wait. Instead, either Dr. Canatella or Dr. Neumeyer will use a digital scanner to capture detailed images of your mouth at every angle.

  1. Contrary to having to wait several weeks for your custom, permanent restoration, the information we collect will be used to create your restoration right in our office!
  2. Our sophisticated software will develop a 3D model that can be assessed and manipulated on a computer screen.
  3. When the design for your crown is ready, our milling unit will start fabricating your customized dental restoration right in our office.
  4. In just one appointment, you’ll be leaving our New Orleans office with your beautiful, new restoration in place.

How Can I Get my CEREC Dental Crown Soon?

Don’t put off regaining a whole, healthy, and functional smile too much longer! Contact our friendly office today to receive the care you need in a quick, convenient way. If you have any questions about CEREC technology, schedule a consultation with either of our dental professionals.