Dental Implants: Why are They Better than Dentures?

For edentulous (without teeth) patients, removable dentures have been the go to tooth replacement option for centuries. The first president of the United States, George Washington, was famously rumored to have wooden dentures. While President Washington’s prosthetic smile was made up of numerous components, it seems unlikely wood was one of them. His denture did have gold, silver, human teeth, and even hippopotamus teeth. There are even more crude dentures found in bodies 100s and 1000s of years ago. Dentures are a tried and true tooth replacement method, and at Canatella Dental, we still make use of them every day, and innovations in the manufacture and materials make dentures a more comfortable option than ever. However, for a more natural looking and feeling smile, we recommend patients consider dental implant supported tooth replacement options.

How Removable Dentures Work

Today’s removable dentures are a far cry from the hodge podge of materials used in the 1700s, or even the ill-fitting, uncomfortable dentures typical of the 1970s. Patients who choose removable dentures to replace missing teeth experience a comfortable, secure tooth replacement option made from durable, long-lasting materials. With regular visits to your dentist for cleaning and sizing adjustments, patients are able to comfortably wear removable dentures for years.

The Dental Implant Difference

While removable dentures have significantly improved in quality and comfort, they are still lacking in one distinct area: they only replace the visible portions of teeth. Unlike removable dentures, dental implants replace teeth from the roots up. The implant portion of this tooth replacement option serves as a prosthetic tooth root making implant supported dentures look, feel, and function more like natural teeth. Because dental implants replace the tooth’s root structure, they provide stimulation to retain jawbone density and gum tissue volume. In turn, patients retain a more youthful facial shape, and better oral health. Implant supported dentures also fit more securely, and patients report regaining as much as 70% of chewing range. That means publicly biting into an apple, chewing on steak, or sinking teeth into a thick, juicy burger is no longer a source of anxiety.

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