Zirconia Dental Crowns: An Excellent Option

Have age, genetics or some type of trauma left you with one or more severely damaged, weak or fractured teeth? If so, that marred smile is damaging more than your self-confidence. Damaged teeth cause serious problems, like deterioration of the jaw once the tooth is lost, increased risk for tooth decay and even gum disease. That means unless you solve the problem now, you’ll probably lose more teeth as time goes by, and we know you don’t want that. Your dentist wants you to know you have an option with zirconia dental crowns right here in New Orleans. Read on to learn more, and find out if they’re a good solution for replacing your damaged teeth.

All About Zirconia Dental Crowns

Dental crowns are a great option for people who need to restore one or more damaged, weak or fractured teeth. There’s a reason we call them crowns: it’s a tooth-shaped cap that fits securely over your natural tooth, restoring its size, shape and function. For years, people have trusted porcelain crowns to restore the look and function of their natural teeth. It’s a fine material, but it does have flaws. We now have the option of using zirconia for dental crowns — read on to learn about its applications and advantages.

Advantages of Zirconia Dental Crowns

  • Extremely tough material that is able to withstand natural wear and tear better than porcelain
  • Closely resembles look of natural teeth, which is especially important for front teeth restorations
  • Shape, size and color are easily modified depending on patient’s existing teeth
  • Requires less removal of the natural tooth than porcelain dental crowns

How Your Doctor Fits a Zirconia Dental Crown

Just like with porcelain crowns, the process for fitting your tooth with a zirconia dental crown involves two visits to the dentist.

The first visit is a preparation session. It’s our time to talk to you about the procedure and carefully examine your mouth, as well as take x-rays and impressions in order to create a crown that fits your tooth perfectly. It’s also when your dentist will prepare your tooth for the crown by cleaning and reshaping the tooth to reduce its size.

In your second appointment, you’ll be fitted with your new dental crown. By roughening the natural tooth (which is done at the first appointment during preparations), we increase the bond between the crown and the tooth to make sure it’s as strong as possible. Once it’s placed, your dentist will check for any necessary last-minute adjustments before finally bonding it onto the tooth. The result? A stronger, longer-lasting dental crown that closely resembles the rest of your teeth.

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