Get your Teeth Whitened with KOR Treatment

Having a white smile can do wonders for your confidence and both personal and business relationships. Think about it — when you talk to anyone, one of the first things they’re going to notice about you is your smile. It’s obvious — your teeth are on display when you speak, eat, yawn, sneeze or do whatever else with you mouth. Having a bright, white smile can turn heads in all the best ways. A white smile gets noticed and can make a difference in your everyday activities.

Whitening treatment is one of the most popular dentistry choices right now. Every person is lining up for teeth whitening treatment and it’s easy to understand why. Our patients can see results fast and better than they could have ever imagined. When you come to our dental office in New Orleans, LA we can give you a white smile that can leave everyone speechless. It’s time to gain that youthful look back and enjoy a life with teeth that are white and beautiful.

Why Do People Want White Teeth?

Our answer is, why not? Everyone would want to have a white smile. Just think of the alternative — would you want a smile that’s yellow or discolored? Of course not! First impressions are huge whether you’re cultivating personal or business relationships. For a real-world example, think about someone applying for a job. Do you think an employer would pick a candidate with a white smile or a less-than-stellar smile? It’s pretty obvious that the employer would choose the person with the white smile. Why? Because a white smile gets noticed for all of the right reasons. It can exude confidence in a major way.

How do teeth become discolored? There are many reasons why:

  • Use of smokeless/regular tobacco
  • Consuming dark-colored liquids including coffee, cola, tea and red wine
  • Not taking good care of your teeth (poor dental hygiene)
  • Natural effects of aging

Why KoR Whitening?

Developed by Dr. Rod Kurthy, this system can get teeth white in a hurry. It’s used by thousands of dentists across the globe and is well-respected throughout the industry. It also just happens to be the most reliable and effective bleaching system ever invented. It’s truly a fantastic whitening treatment option. It’s a permanent solution that will keep you from having to come in for whitening treatments. It’s the real deal, and it can keep your teeth looking white and beautiful for good.

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If you’re ready to receive one of the most advanced whitening treatments available, we highly suggest the KoR whitening system. Our New Orleans office is proud to offer this one-of-a-kind treatment for our patients. We invite those of you in Kenner, St. Charles Parish and Gretna to come to us for whitening treatment.